Burny 1250 Plus



Included here are Non-PC Based control systems that Burny no longer manufactures, but service support and upgrades are still available. Please Contact Burny sales for details.

The Burny 1250 Plus Operator Control System is an economical fully-integrated shape-cutting control and drive system designed for single-torch plasma cutting machines.

It integrates a full-featured Burny 2.5 Plus CNC Control which is over 300% faster than its predecessor, a built-in ServoPak Drive Amplifier System and complete plasma and plate marker controls.

With the Burny 1250 Plus Operator Control System, users can count on improved machine performance and single-source control system responsibility.

Burny 1250 Plus Literature

Burny 1250 Plus

The Burny 1250 Plus can operate any cutting machine and interfaces with most processes including: