Burny 1400 Plus



The Burny 1400 Plus Operator Control System is a fully integrated non-pc based control system from Burny products.

It integrates a full-featured Burny 2.5 Plus CNC Control that is over 300% faster than its predecessor, a built-in ServoPak Drive Amplifier System, complete oxyfuel and plasma gas controls, plate marker controls, and torch controls that can be interfaced with the Burny Levitator System for a complete torch height control system.

With the Burny 1400 Plus Operator Control System, users can count on the flexibility to handle multiple torches and processes, improved machine performance, and single-source control system responsibility.

Burny 1400 Plus Literature

Burny 1400 Plus

The Burny 1400 Plus can operate any cutting machine and interfaces with most processes including: