Burny 2.5 Plus



Included here are Non-PC Based control systems that Burny no longer manufactures, but service support and upgrades are still available. Please Contact Burny Kaliburn sales for details.

The Burny 2.5 Plus CNC Control provides cost-efficient shape-cutting for x-y axis drive shape-cutting machinery. It has all of the same standard features as the Burny 2.5 CNC (such as the popular 50 shape library) plus much more.

It incorporates a new processor that is over 300% faster than its predecessor. It has 512K of part program storage with non-volatile backed RAM. It incorporates FLASH memory instead of EPROMS, enabling users to easily maintain software, connect a laptop computer or download new part programs. Plus, it can control a third axis of motion (X-Y, X-X, or W axis) with all options pre-loaded on the control.

Burny 2.5 Plus Literature

Burny 2.5 Plus

A "Plus" Field Upgrade Kit is also available for any Burny 2.5 CNC that is currently installed. Take advantage of over four times faster processing speeds by upgrading an existing Burny 2.5, Burny 2.8, Burny 2.9, Burny 1250 or Burny 1400 with "Plus" capabilities. The Field Upgrade Kit includes a new processor card, front panel and complete instructions. Faster downloading and kerf calculation can be realized in under an hour! The upgrade is accomplished with only a screwdriver and without removing the control from the machine.

The Burny 2.5 Plus can operate any cutting machine and interfaces with most processes including:

• Oxyfuel
• Plasma
• Waterjet
• Drills
• Markers