Burny 2.8 Plus



Included here are Non-PC Based control systems that Burny no longer manufactures, but service support and upgrades are still available. Please Contact Burny sales for details.

The Burny 2.8 Plus Integrated Drive System is a complete electronics package combining shape-cutting, direct computer download, and a built-in drive amplifier system with two or three axis of drive control.

It integrates a full-featured Burny 2.5 Plus CNC Control that is over 300% faster than its predecessor and a built-in ServoPak Drive Amplifier System.

The ServoPak combines high response, low power consumption and a wide dynamic speed range. With the Burny 2.8 Plus Integrated Drive System, users can count on improved machine performance and single-source control system responsibility.

Burny 2.8 Plus Literature

Burny 2.8 Plus

The Burny 2.8 Plus can operate any cutting machine and interfaces with most processes including:

• Oxyfuel
• Plasma
• Waterjet
• Drills
• Markers