3 Axis Microstepper Drive and Power Supply



This high performance micro-stepper drive card was designed to complement our low cost AMC-E stepper, standalone machine control card. It can be neatly mounted either above, below, or beside the AMC-E stepper machine control card and connected to it via one ribbon and one 3 pin power cable.

The drive card incorporates 3 axes of motor drives, machine safety circuits, power supplies for both the AMC-E and the stepper drives, and status indicators.

Connections to your machine are made via plug in screw terminal connectors.

Intended applications for the 3 axis stepper driver include: engraving machines, routing machines, milling machines, lathes, and dispensing machines.

Due to its capability of operating at high voltages and of supporting selectable high micro-stepping resolutions, the drive is capable of running your machine very rapidly, smoothly and quietly, and overcomes many of the resonance problems that occur when using coarser step resolutions.

Microspeed Plus Specification

3 Axis Microstepper Drive and Power Supply


Parameter Description
DC Power
Motor Supply
Logic and output Supply Fuses

FS1 (Logic Supply)
FS2 (Bus Supply)
FS3,4,5 (Motor Phases)

12V to 55V DC (60V absolute maximum)
24VDC +/- 15%

T2AL 250V (5 x 20mm)
T5AL 250V (5 x 20mm)
T3.15AL 250V (5 x 20mm)
Power Supplies

24VI switched via safety circuit

Provides power for AMC-E stepper motion control card

Provides power to drive AMC-E stepper outputs
Status indicators LED's indicate status of:
Motor bus supply
+24V supply
+24VI supply
+5v logic supply
Status of FS1, 2 and 3
Status of safety loops 1 and 2
Cooling Integral fan cools high power dissipation components
Number of Controllable Axes
Motor Resolution
Short Circuit
Thermal Shutdown
Continuous Output Current

Peak Output Current
Maximum Stepping Rate
Micro-Step Resolution

Nominal Chopping Frequency

Bipolar Chopper
200 steps/revolution

Phase to phase and across phases
Independently adjustable 0.3A to 3.0A per phase
6A for 1500mS
4 options, typically 10, 20, 36, or 50 (factory configured)
Command Interface
Step Inputs
Direction Inputs
Drive Enable Inputs

Connectors Plug in screw terminal blocks ease installation & maintainance
Sefety Circuit

Dual channel providing 24VDC to customer supplied power-switching contactors which can be used to lock guards

Supports remote customer supplied [Drive Power On] switch

Supports inputs from dual channel emergency STOP switches