2 axis cnc machine controller / motion controller with DC brushed servomotor drives

Our AMC range of integrated cnc machine controllers is our most popular range, more than 3,500 have been sold in the last few years. AMC's are used in a wide range of applications, they are available from 2 to 6 axis machines. See the range specification document for more details.

AMC Specifications

Controller IO Capability



The AMC4 Cutter II machine controller is often used in 2 axis cutting applications, they are the lowest cost derivative of the AMC4. AMC4C2's have a graphics display and reduced I/O. They are supplied complete, in one small robust enclosure containing a high performance RISC processor board, control panel and display, PLC, optically isolated signal interfaces, low or medium power motor drives, and all power supplies. The only other items required are motors, cabling, we can supply these, and your machine.

For machines requiring higher power drives see our AMC-B controller.

Most AMC features are accessible via menus defined by the system firmware. AMC's are generally supplied with menus suiting one application. Three basic menus are available: Standard menu, Cutting menu and Engraving menu. Custom menus are also available.


  • Designed to get the highest productivity from your machine
  • Can be used as part of a reliable PC based machine control system
  • Provides the best part finishes from your machine through the use of unique AMC developed 'motion control algorithms'
  • Configurable features support innumerable applications
  • Supports 2 servo axes
  • Integral PLC with 6 inputs and 3 outputs, all 24vdc compatible, plus 3 'volt free' relay outputs
  • Programmable Event Subroutines automatically control external devices including cutters, dispensers, tool changers, part loading and unloading
  • 22 key keyboard give immediate access to machine functions with the use of 'codes'
  • 4 Pressure sensitive machine jog keys make precise manual machine positioning simple
  • Front panel 'Drives On' and 'Emergency STOP' switches
  • 4 line graphical display gives easy access to the numerous system features via menus and softkeys. Part programs can be graphically displayed.
  • Menus can be displayed in English, Spanish, German or French
  • Three types of Control panel, 'Standard' for general applications, 'Cutter' for cutting applications, and 'Engraver' for engraving applications - see HMI Specifications
  • WinAMC® compatible , - control can be driven remotely by custom PC based virtual control panels
  • Supports AMC remote HMI's
  • Job programs are accepted in G & M code, HPGL, ESSI, and GPS protocols at baud rates up to 115K via an RS232 interface
  • One small rugged sealed enclosure designed for use harsh industrial environments
  • Designed and built to give a long working life
  • Integrated machine and controller test features
  • Plug in cards make maintenance simple
  • Easily disconnected and shipped for 'same day' repair
  • AMC4C2 Servo controllers are supplied with powerful simultaneous 'multi axis tuning software' for achieving optimum machine performance, it can also be used for mechanical performance validation and troubleshooting.
  • Custom features are available for your special applications.