Stand-alone multi-axis motion controller / machine controller

The AMC-B controller's characteristics were suggested by our customers, it has most of the features of our popular AMC4 motion controllers and even more power and greater flexibility.

The AMC-B was designed to suit applications automating up to 6 machine axes where separate higher power or brushless drives are required. It is intended to be mounted in an enclosure together with the drives and drive power supply.

AMC Specifications

Controller IO Capability


AMC-B Controller

At the heart of all our AMC controllers is a plug in, high performance RISC based Engine board. System firmware and Utility software is shared over the complete AMC range so using another member of the family does not involve you learning and becoming familiar with new tools.

AMC-B's are supplied in 6 variants for 3 or 6 axes supporting stepper motors or servo motors or any combination.

All connectors are located on the front panel, separate connectors are provided for

The AMC-B can be directly connected to all our human machine interfaces, specifications are shown in the HMI document. AMC also provide a plug compatible 3 axis drive and integral power supply chassis. Please see the AMC family range for detailed specifications on all AMC's.


  • Designed to get the highest productivity from your machine
  • Can be used as part of a reliable PC based motion control system
  • Provides the best part finishes from your machine through the use of unique AMC developed algorithms, motion control info
  • Configurable features support innumerable applications
  • Supports for up to 3 or 6 servo or stepper axes or any combination
  • One programmable analog output for spindle speed control, or laser power control, or dispense rate control
  • Integral PLC with 20 inputs, 12 outputs as standard or 32 inputs 20 outputs as an option
  • Programmable Event Subroutinesautomatically control external devices including cutters, dispensers, tool hangers, part loading and unloading
  • Compatible with all AMC HMI's
  • WinAMC® compatible, - control can be driven remotely by custom PC based virtual control panels
  • Job programs are accepted in G & M code, HPGL, ESSI, and GPS protocols at baud rates up to 115K via an RS232 interface
  • Designed and built to give a long working life
  • Integrated machine and controller test features
  • Easily disconnected and shipped for 'same day' repair
  • AMC-B Servo controllers are supplied with powerful simultaneous 'multi axis tuning software' for achieving optimum machine performance, it can also be used for mechanical performance validation and troubleshooting.
  • Options include, automatic height control,speed proportional direct laser pulsing, speed proportional dispensing control
  • Custom features are available for your special applications