AMC-E Stepper Board Set


Stand-alone multi-axis motion controller / machine controller

The AMC-E is a 'controller only' pcb intended for system integrators to use alongside our integrated 3 axis micro stepping driver and power supply board, or a wide variety of third party stepper drives, to control 2 or 3 axes of motion.

The AMC-E stepper multi-axis motion controller supports up to 4 drives. The fourth drive is intended to be used as a second drive on one of the other 3 axes permitting for example, gantry's to be driven at both ends.

The AMC-E uses the same RISC processor technology as other controllers in the AMC range, providing system integrators with the same performance benefits. The systems are designed for Original Equipment Manufacturers who need the features, performance, and flexibility with PC compatibility provided by the latest technology, all at low cost.

AMC Specifications

Controller IO Capability


AMC-E Stepper Board Set


  • Increased machine productivity ( 300% on 3D work is not unusual ).
  • Can be used as part of a reliable PC based motion control system
  • Smooth, accurate quiet machine operation giving precise parts.
  • The ability to use the system with a wide range of part generation and machine control software - we can even customise your software if you require.
  • The control can be used with a wide range of motors and drives. If required we can supply these items separately, including cabling, or in an integrated enclosure at very competitive prices.
  • Numerous special options are available to meet the demands of a wide range of applications.
  • Our systems are designed and built to perform faultlessly for years. Axes, analog, I/O and RS232 are optically isolated.
  • AMC perpetually invests in product development that results in frequent system improvements and upgrades.
  • Output signals can switch 'on the fly', that is operate when the axes motors are running smoothly.