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The Burny Kaliburn Phantom is a completely integrated package featuring a PC-based numeric control, 2 or 3 axis drive amplifiers and a comprehensive operators console. The Phantom provides the latest advances in CNC technology on a proven platform engineered to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Utilizing Windows® XP Embedded, the Phantom produces extremely precise and repeatable shape cutting motion control and contains many features not found in other numerical controls such as true multitasking and DXF file conversion. The operators console contains functions for up to 6 oxy fuel stations and 2 plasma stations along with markers and auxiliary functions. The Phantom also features integrated 2 or 3 axis AC or DC drives.

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The Phantom can operate any cutting machine and interfaces with virtually all processes including: oxyfuel, plasma, laser, waterjet, routers, punches, drills, knives, and markers. It is available as an upgrade to existing machines or can be delivered on a new machine. Backed by Burny Kaliburn's extensive staff of experienced in-house engineers and service technicians, the Phantom is ready to perform for you today!

As a premium member of the Burny Kaliburn family of numerical controls, the Phantom continues a 35-year history of improving the productivity and increasing the profits of our worldwide customer base. In addition to our industry leading line of numerical controls, Burny Kaliburn also offers drive systems, AC and DC motors, gearboxes, torch stations and height control systems. Burny Kaliburn is uniquely positioned as a total solutions provider for your motion control requirements.

The Phantom can operate any cutting machine and interfaces with most processes including:

• Oxyfuel
• Plasma
• Waterjet
• Drills
• Markers