Proline 2150 Plasma Cutter



The ProLine 2150 is a 150 amp precision high current density plasma cutting system that combines precise, square, and virtually dross-free cuts with excellent speeds on gauge thick metals to 1’’ (25.0mm), and it has a maximum capacity to 1 ½’’ (38.0mm).

Uncompromising cut quality, combined with excellent processing speed and the lowest initial investment, equates to the best value in precision high current density plasma. Even competitors’ systems costing many thousands of dollars more cannot offer better cut quality to match the ProLine 2150’s productivity.

Proline 2150 Literature

ProLine 2150 Plasma Cutter


Mild Steel
Production Capacity
Maximum Thickness
(Edge Start, with dross)
1 inch (25.0mm)
1-1/2 inch (38.0mm)


With the ProLine 2150’s manual controls, you can tailor all of the cutting parameters to your specifications. Optionally, our patented INOVA Torch Height Control System can be built into the ProLine 2150, greatly simplifying installation.

If you need to cut gauge thicknesses through 1’’ (25.0mm) metals with square, clean, virtually dross-free edges while closely monitoring initial costs, the ProLine 2150 is the machine of choice.

The ProLine 2150 is one of the three systems in the "ProLine" family. The ProLine 2200 and ProLine 2260 Plasma Cutting Systems offer identical cut quality but each has a unique amperage range and corresponding thickness capacity. Burny Kaliburn also offers four fully automated machines in the "Spirit" family; the Spirit150a, Spirit200a, Spirit275a, and Spirit400aPlasma Cutting Machines. These machines are our most advanced systems and provide cut quality identical to the ProLine systems. With Spirit systems, all process parameters are set automatically for ease of operation.