ServoPak K-Series D80, D50P, and D60P Drive Amplifiers


ServoPak K-Series Performance Benefits:

The ServoPak K-Series family of drive amplifiers are high performance drive systems that combine high quality with flexible operational functionality. The K-Series drive amplifiers are applicable for a wide variety of machine applications including plasma cutting, routing, waterjet, oxyfuel cutting, glass cutting, marking, welding, stitching and many multi-axis machine configurations where performance, accuracy and precision are important.

ServoPak K-Series Literature

Drive Amplifier Design Features:

State-of-the-Art sinusoidal K-Series drive amplifier design makes precise and accurate motion control attainable. Whether you need the packaged solution available in the D80 model or a modular amplifier design available in the D50P and D60P models, Burny has a pre-engineered solution to fit your design requirements. The modular D50P and D60P drive amplifiers allow you to integrate our drives in your cabinet to make a seamless package. With each drive amplifier in model D60P boasting 15A of continuous current and 30A of peak current, no machine is too large. Each drive amplifier in models D50P and D80 is rated at 8A of continuous current and 15A of peak current. Add as many D50P/D60P axes to a machine as necessary.

ServoPak 80
D80 Model
ServoPak 80
D50P and D60P Models

Highly Flexible and Capable Software Features:

Our Burny K-Series Tuning Software provides fast and easy setup and servo motor tuning. The tuning utility offers flexible setup and the most powerful diagnostics in the industry. All motors supplied by Cleveland Motion Controls have been pre-tested and set up with the ServoPak K-Series so tuning is as easy as loading a tuning configuration file.

D50P/D60P Features D80 Features
Modular Compact Design for a High Wattage System Premier Retrofit Package for Quick Integration
Easily Integrated with Existing Enclosures Sinusoidal Digital Brushless Amplifier utilizing State-of-the-Art Space Vector Modulation ( SVM ) Technology
Intuitively Designed Software with Pre-Engineered Tuning Configuration Files from Burny Intuitively Designed Software with Pre-Engineered Motor Files from Burny
Fast Integration with Burny Peripherals Matched Performance with Motors and Gearboxes Delivered from ONE Manufacturer
Sinusoideal Digital Brushless Amplifier 8 Amps of Continuous Current and capable of up to 1 kW of continuous power (2 kW of peak power) per axis
Matched Performance with Motors and Gearboxes Delivered from ONE Manufacturer System Kits com COMPLETE with Plug-and-Play Cable Sets. Internal Cable glands afford automatic cable shield grounding
Move the Heaviest Equipment with 3-Phase Power for 2500W Applications One side Cable Exit from Drive Enclosure make for Neater Integration and Easire Retrofit Planning
Single Phase Use for Smaller Applications Configure the Drive via Laptop or Burny 10 LCD Plus controller
Configure the Drive for Less Power if Necesary No need to open the cabinet once the system is tuned even for diagnosing issues
State-of-the-Art Space Vector Modulation ( SVM ) Complete System Testing at the Factory Before Shipment