Torch Height Control - Smart HC



The Highly Integrated Smart HC Plasma Torch Height Control by Burny Kaliburn is here with features and benefits designed to increase both productivity and cut quality. One control box with up to five powerful 400 Watt AC Brushless drive amplifiers; two or three for machine motion and one or two reserved for torch height control.

Packaging is a Burny Kaliburn specialty where all of our components are power matched and compatible for the most accurate control system on mid-sized to small gantry cutting machines. Whether you are retrofitting or looking for a new shap cutting machine, the new Phantom SmartHC control system is the smartest and most logical way to integrate all of the motion features of your machine into a one-source, single-company solution.

Torch Height Control Systems



Torch Height Control Systems



  • Up To 2 Torch Stations
  • Collision Protection System with Auto Height Correction
  • Maximum Retraction Speed — 600 ipm
  • Software Servo Control Loop
  • Easy To Program.



  • Arc Voltage from 50 to 250 volts in .1 volt increments
  • Manual Travel Speed (up to 600 IPM)
  • Plate Sense Speed during Initial Height Setting (IHS)
  • Adjustable Plate Touch Force during IHS
  • Ohmic Sense
  • Touch Force
  • Following Error Sense (Position Error)
  • Pierce Height
  • Cutting Height (torch moves to the cutting height after the pierce ramp is complete but before the AVC mode is activated)
  • Arc Transfer (ignition) height
  • Pierce Time (time before torch moves to cutting height)
  • Partial raise height (retract distance from the last cutting height)
  • Torch Retract Delay (minimum start delay)
  • Corner Height Disable (prevents torch diving during corners)
  • High to Low speed crossover point during IHS
  • Kerf crossing and plate edge detection
  • Adjustable Gain
  • IHS Test/Run (test the initial arc transfer height without starting the plasma torch)
  • Auto/Manual Mode