AMC Event Subroutine Editor



Event Subroutines perform role of Programmable Logic Controllers - PLC's

AMC Machine controller 'Event subroutines', amongst other things, effectively perform the functions associated with Programmable Logic Controllers, or 'PLC's. These subroutines are generally short sequences or 'macros' of I/O instructions required to operate and monitor machine functions as specific events occur.

AMC's support more than 20 different events, many having associated conditions. Supported events include: 'Execution start, Execution stop, Tool head down, Tool head up, Change tool, Key pressed, I/P 'n' ON, and analog On and Off.

AMC Event Subroutine Editor

Event subroutines are executed automatically by the AMCwhen the associated event occurs. In consequence neither the part programmer nor the machine user need consider them, this greatly simplifies machine programming and use. Additionally as the AMC is both controlling machine movement and operating the I/O the two are automatically synchronized.

The AMC Event Subroutine Editor makes generating macro PLC sequences simple, no knowledge of computer programming is required.

Typically the machine designer assigns and names AMC machine controller inputs and outputs to actuators and status signals, these names are part of the controller configuration file. The resulting configuration file is used by the Event Sub Editor. The named I/O signals are then used to generate the series of control commands and input status monitoring required for each event subroutine. Event subroutines may also contain conditional commands.