AMC Programming



Windows based Programming Software for flashing AMC machine controllers

The AMC controller has been designed to allow easy upgrading without having to change any of the electronic components inside the controller. Firmware, configuration, job and data files may be downloaded to the controller to be used as the default settings.

The AMC Programming software is used to transfer these files from a PC to the AMC controller via a serial link.

AMC Programming

It is possible to save a selection of files to download as a 'Project'. The minimum project consists of a firmware file ( a file with a .hex extension ) and one configuration file ( a file with a .ini extension ). Additional configuration files, event subroutines, work files and error compensation files can also be added to the project.

The AMC programmer is designed for use in a Windows environment and therefore runs happily in the background, allowing the user to concentrate on other tasks. The overall time taken to program the AMC controller with its updated operating system and configuration files has also been reduced. The AMC programming software continuously displays an accurate estimate of time remaining.