AMC Utilities



Software programs customise and configure machine controllers, and tune machines

AMC utilities software is a suite of three software programs used to match the AMC motion controllers configuration parameters to your machine, plus one program which enables the mechanics of dual drive machines to be checked. These software programs make configuring the controller simple, no knowledge of computer programming is required.

The software programs supplied are 'AMC Setup'; AMC Utils, AMC Flash and AMC Beam.

AMC Utilities

AMC Setup software is primarily used to set the numerous AMC configuration parameters to suit first, the application, and then the machine.

Parameters are systematically grouped in tables covering: the optional control panel, machine axes, communication with other devices, system I/O, machine tooling, machine performance optimisation, and special applications. Context sensitive help is provided.

AMC Utils are generally used on servo systems to graphically tune up to three machine axes at a time. The advantage of tuning multiple axes at the same time is that dynamic motion controller and motor + drive performance can be analyzed when demanding machine paths are executed. System performance can be displayed both numerically and by using a wide selection of graphs each of which focus on different aspects. Zooming enables graphical data to be shown in extremely fine details. A feature exists which directly shows part error along the path.

AMC Flash is used to permanently store controller operating firmware, configurations, event subroutines, multiple part programs, and error compensation files in the AMC.

The AMC Beam utility permits OEM machine builders to mechanically check machines that use two separate motors to drive one machine axis e.g. on dual drive gantries.