WinAMC® is a fully flexible operator interface that has been specifically developed to generate virtual custom control panels, for use with AMC's range of AMC controllers.

A major benefit of WinAMC® is that no programming is required to make your custom control panels, they are generated using 'pointing, clicking and dragging'.

WinAMC® provides both AMC control and status monitoring, and runs on any PC using Win95, Win98 or Win NT, including low cost PCs, touch screen systems, laptops and desktop computers.


File Handling
Industrial PCs are widely available and it is now possible with WinAMC® to benefit from the ease of use of MMI software running on a PC, with the system integrity benefits of a stand alone machine control unit.

WinAMC® allows existing job program files to be opened, displayed and downloaded to any AMC controller running in WinAMC® interface mode. Supported file formats include HPGL, G&M codes and ESSI.

Serial Communication
WinAMC® uses a proprietary communications protocol, designed to minimise serial problems between your PC and the AMC. WinAMC® automatically detects the presence of an AMC machine control on the serial link and communicates with it at the maximum baud rate (up to 115,200 baud).

Any communication errors are automatically detected and corrected. This ensures that the AMC and WinAMC® are able to continuously communicate even in the noisiest of environments.

CAD support
WinAMC® can be used along side your existing CAD package allowing you to monitor progress on your machine, while you complete other job programs.

Control Panels
WinAMC® allows you to create your own control panel(s) to provide the functionality the operators of your machines need in order to perform their tasks. Each control panel is displayed in its own window with multiple control panels being supported.

Control panel combinations can be saved as a User Profile with a user name and password. This allows control panels to be assigned to specific operators allowing them access only to functions that they are competent to use.

Virtual Panel Components
WinAMC® provides a set of virtual switches, buttons and display components. These can be assigned to specific functions and grouped together to create a control panel that provides the exact functionality required for your machine application.