AMC Graphical Programming Software



Graphical Programming Software adds CAM features to CAD files

Rapid Programming and Verification

As GPS is a Windows based CAM software package it has a familiar layout and is easy to use for those with Windows application experience. Program jobs can be created or edited graphically and numerically using G & M codes, then verified and edited on screen, before the file is sent to the controller at up to 115K baud.

The a AMC family of controls can receive jobs whilst running existing programs. Jobs can also be flashed into permanent memory.

AMC Graphical Programming Software

Job Program Optimisation

GPS was designed to import data from a wide variety of CAD packages and to complement them by providing important additional features. Most CAD data is not ordered in a logical sequence, GPS enables you to optimise the program data that will be sent to your control unit to maximise machine productivity.


  • Rapid programming and verification
  • Job program optimisation
  • High speed data transfer
  • Off line program storage/access

Path ordering allows you to see the order of job execution and to manually alter this order to suit the AMCds of your control application. In most cutting applications it is important that internal cuts are made before external cuts.

Once CAD data has been imported, GPS permits you to embed commands in the job sequence for controlling and monitoring machine devices such as valves, clamps, and status switches. GPS permits you to set parameters associated with tools including cutting speed, depth, clearance, number of passes, finishing cuts, and spindle speed, dependant on the system configuration.

High Speed Data Transfer

GPS supports a proprietary error correcting, serial communications protocol between PC and theAMC , at speeds up to 115,000 baud. GPS sends data to the controller as a background task, allowing the AMC to continuously execute the job without pausing for more data to be sent.

If the controller is to be used as a stand-alone unit GPS can be set to initially download all required job data freeing the computer for other uses. Jobs are then simply selected at the controller.

Optional Features

Text - For some applications, such as marking, it is useful to have access to text characters. GPS provides you with the ability to add text to your job program, define the position of the text, the font to be used and it's size.

Area Clear - This function can be used in conjunction with text characters to automatically remove material within the text outline. Without this function the text is produced in outline only.

Auto Nest - GPS provides you with the ability to select a number of shapes and to automatically nest these shapes within a specified work area. This function in used to reduce material scrap when parts are cut from sheet materials.

Major GPS features include:

  • Drawing optimisation on import
  • Jobs generated using the AMC in teach mode (digitise), can be uploaded and saved
  • Tool path ordering
  • Node edit permits job points to be graphically selected then edited graphically or numerically
  • Preview mode graphically displays the final output, enabling examination and verification in maximum detail
  • Context sensitive 'On line' help
  • Powerful interactive edit features including move, size, rotate, insert, delete, copy, cut-paste and search for item
  • Built in graphics functions include rulers, pull down alignment guides and bitmap tracing
  • Communication between GPS and AMC's AMC machine controllers use a high-speed error correcting protocol for maximum reliability and data transfer rate. Additionally the controller is able to request specific data from GPS when required, thus increasing the controller programs capacity

Import File Formats Supported DXF, HPGL, ISO G&M codes and Windows Metafile formats
Export File Formats Supported HPGL, DXF, Windows Metafile formats
Machine Drive Formats AMC proprietary file format or HGPL
Vector Optimisation Ability to re-order the CAD data to remove unnecessary moves to minimise the job cycle time
Tool Attributes Set tool attributes such as speed and depth of cut
Tool Compensation Produce an output file which compensates for the size of tool specified in the tool attributes
Programmable Comments Add comments to your job program to assist your operator at run time
Outputs and Inputs Set/Change the status of outputs within your program and add the ability to monitor inputs into the controller
Preview Job Shows the programmed path with or without tool offsets
Display Language Support French, German, Spanish