Spirit 200a (Auto-Gas) Plasma Cutter



The Spirit 200a is a full function 200 amp high current density plasma cutting and marking system incorporating fully automated process control, cutting of most metals up to 1 ¼’’ (32.0mm) thick, and has a maximum capacity of 2’’ (50.0mm). It is designed to be the ultimate process tool when precise, square, and virtually dross-free cuts and ease of operation are important. Unparalleled consumable life is a benefit of all Spirit systems.

The “a” is for automatic…
Automatic setting of process parameters equates to exceptional ease of operation. The Spirit 200a combines convenience with the ultimate in cut quality. The Spirit 200a truly sets the standard in precision plasma cutting within its thickness range.

Spirit 200a Literature

Spirit 200a Plasma Cutter


Mild Steel
Production Capacity
Maximum Thickness
(Edge Start, with dross)
1-1/4 inch (32.0mm)
2 inch (50.0mm)


With the Spirit 200a automatic gas console (AGC) you simply select the materal type and thickness or let your computer's serial port transmit the cutting parameters. The rest is automatic, and especially easy when interfaced to a 10LCD+ or Phantom Control.

The Spirit 200a provides precision high current density plasma cut edge quality. It delivers virtually dross-free cuts with 2° or less cut edge bevel. The Spirit 200a system is one of the four fully automated systems in the Spirit family. Other Spirit systems offer identical cut quality but each has a unique amperage range and corresponding thickness capacity.

The Spirit 200a is available with the optional INOVA Torch Height Control System. Also, a pneumatic safety switch can be added to protect the torch from collision damage.

The HfOT™ (Hafnium Optimizing Technology) is proprietary technology that maximizes consumable life while ensuring superior cut quality. HfOT™ begins with the design of the torch and consumables. The components are designed to provide proper arc formation, constriction, and centering. HfOT™ includes a breakthrough method for starting and stopping the plasma arc, which is where the majority of the consumable wear occurs. HfOT™ minimizes consumable wear during the start up and shut down by uniquely and precisely controlling the relationship between the arc current and plasma gas. HfOT™ results in superior cut quality, extraordinary consumable life, and low operating cost.