Spirit II 400 Plasma Cutter



The Spirit II 400 is a full function 400 amp FineLine™ high definition plasma cutting and marking system with fully automated or manual process control. It has the ability to pierce most metals up to 2 in. (50 mm) thick, and has a maximum capacity of 3 in. (75 mm). Automatic setting of process parameters provides exceptional ease of operation. The Spirit II 400 provides FineLine™ high definition plasma cut edge quality. It delivers virtually dross free cuts with 2° or less cut edge bevel.

It is designed to be the ultimate process tool when precise, square and virtually dross free cuts are important. With ease of use, the ultimate in cut quality and the highest processing speed, the Spirit II 400 truly sets the standard in precision plasma cutting.

Spirit II 400 Literature

Spirit II 400 Plasma Cutter


Mild Steel
Production Capacity
Maximum Thickness
(Edge Start, with dross)
2 inch (50.0mm)
3 inch (75.0mm)


  • Impulse Start Technology™
    • Eliminates high frequency starting.
  • Unmatched Cut Quality and Consistency
    • Delivers exceptional cut edge quality, virtually dross free, with bevels of 2° or less.
    • Advanced Torch technology for a stable plasma column and optimized plasma gas flow.
  • Longer Unparalleled Consumable Life
    • Hafnium Optimizing Technology (Hf OT™) significantly increases electrode life.
    • EnduraX™ Silver Electrode provides up to 3 times the life of an Endura™ electrode.
    • Shield cap life is extended using the very low transferred arc current sensing for higher starting height.
    • Optimized nozzle design technology for dominant convective heat transfer, which results in longer nozzle life.
  • Lower Operating Costs
    • Fast Proportional Valve Gas Regulation.
    • +
  • Higher Reliability
    • 600 ampere IGBT chopper transistor for high reliability.
    • Industry leading 3 year warranty on machine, 1 year on original torch.
    • Multi-Tap Transformer and Common Chopper Platform are standard on all systems.