SR-100i Plasma Cutter



When oxyfuel just won’t cut it, step up to plasma cutting with the SR-100i. If you need the right unit to tackle light-duty fabrication (½’’ or less), or jobs like ductwork and insulation, the SR-100i is a powerful way to cut through it all. Even if you’ve never used plasma cutting, you’ll find it is straightforward and easy to learn. You get a 100% duty cycle, narrower kerf, less dross and more cuts.

A 100% duty cycle means you won’t lose time between cuts. The power supply and torch can run continuously without shutting down or overheating. And its patented advanceable electrode lasts up to four hours - twice as long as any other. We’ve also designed the power supply to save time during installation, maintenance and troubleshooting.

SR-100i Literature

SR-100i Plasma Cutter

Four power-supply modes give you the range to cut anything from 1’’ mild steel to HVAC insulation, with equal ease. And a true, constant current output gives you a smoother cut and squarer edge – at full load there’s only 1% current ripple.

The SR-100i models are economical plasma cutting systems with the reliability, precision and performance you’ve come to expect from Burny Kaliburn. You not only spend less time, you spend less money on consumables and replacement parts. So, if you’re looking for a powerful way to cut cost as as metal, then check out the SR-100i plasma cutting system.