SR-45i Plasma Cutter



The SR-45i plasma cutter was the first plasma system introduced by the KALIBURN; and with its proven durability and performance has paved the way for other plasma cutting systems.

The SR-45i is a 45 amp air plasma cutting system that operates at 100% duty cycle, which means no time is lost between plasma cuts. The power supply and plasma torch can run continuously without shutting down or overheating. There is an extreme cost savings on replacement parts and plasma consumables. KALIBURN's patented electrode last up to 4 hours, which is twice as long as any other! The plasma power supply is designed for easy installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

SR-45i Literature

SR-45i Plasma Cutter

When cutting sheet metal and HVAC insulation to shape; the SR-45i plasma cutter is the machine of choice. It gives a smoother cut and squarer edge, because it has a true constant current outputv (at full load there's a maximum of only 1.5% current ripple). It operates in four power supply modes, to cut anything from 1/2" mild steel to HVAC insulation.

The KALIBURN SR-45i plasma cutter provides the reliability, precision, and performance one can expect from KALIBURN. This plasma cutting system is both economical to operate and inexpensive to purchase; and has the longest warranty in the industry.

If the SR-45i plasma cutter is not the right choice for your plasma cutting needs, then review all of KALIBURN's conventional and high current density plasma cutters to find the right choice to tackle your plasma cut jobs for many years.