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Need an issue resolved on your machine immediately? Don’t have time to wait for a Field Service Engineer to travel to your facility? Service can help you instantly with “Go to Assist" our Virtual Technical Support Program. Go to Assist is a software package that allows Service and Engineering to remotely share control in real time. Now, via a remote location with Internet access, we can quickly, efficiently and effectively resolve issues you may be having with your CNC.

How it Works

Connecting for remote support is quicker and easier than ever before. When you are experiencing an issue with your machine, just place a call into the technical support group. We'll issue you a support pass code that will be valid for a specific period of time. From your control, press the “Remote Service” button on the service menu which prompts you to enter the support pass code. No keyboard? No problem! The CNC screen can also prompt you to use an on-screen keyboard for easy alphanumeric entry. Instantly, we can share the control to troubleshoot and resolve potential problems.

What is Needed

Go to Assist is included on all PC-based CNC's with tiered pricing to fi t your needs. A factory trained Field Service Engineer will install necessary software and verify connectivity to Go to Assist. All you have to do is supply a live broadband internet connection to the CNC. There is no additional hardware required.

How to Get Connected

Our Technical Support Group is constantly looking for ways to better support our products and customers, so if you are interested in Go to Assist, please contact a Sales Engineer for a quote on activation and installation.