Controller - XL Panel PC Based Machine Control



The XL is a Panel PC CNC product designed for machine builders who want to customize the look and feel of their machine. Two offerings with this platform enable you to get the control layout that is right for your application. An Integrated Solution comes with a PC attached to the LCD where as the Remote Model makes an aethetic look that is all your own. The XL provides the latest advances in CNC technology including Burny CAP and Dynamic Bevel to drive down production costs and increase productivity.


• Bright Touch Screen Inteface
• Full Color, Interactive Graphic Display
• Advanced Plasma Process Control
• Burny CAP (Custom Appication Program)
• Dynamic Bevel
• Advanced Command Messaging
• Fast DXF File Conversion
• Advanced Nest Navigation
• Axis Compensation

XL Literature


Utilizing Windows®XP Embedded, the XL produces extremely precise and repeatable motion control and it contains many features not found in other numerical controls such as the only true multitasking control system on the market, DXF/DWG conversion, Advanced Plasma Process Technology with an embedded material database, and I/O mapping capabilities with Burny CAP.

The XL can operate any cutting machine and interfaces with most processes including:

• Oxyfuel
• Plasma
• Waterjet
• Drills
• Markers